Dr. Pinks Anal Brightening Cream

Safe for all skin types and colors

Our Intimate Brightening Cream has been carefully designed to gently yet effectively brighten one's sensitive areas such as the genitals, areolas, anus and under arms. By using Dr. Pinks Brightening Cream, the brightening process, which has recently grown in popularity, is now available for consumers to perform in the privacy of their own home. This natural brightening process is safe even for the most delicate skin types.

Dr. Pinks CoCo Lube Balm

An excellent, health conscious, all natural, moisturizer and lubricant.


CoCo Lube is an all-natural lubricant made from organic coconut oil. Our unique production method ensures the perfect consistency lubricant, for a long lasting silky sensation. A little CoCo goes a long way and never dries up or gets sticky. At room temperature, CoCo Lube is solid, and when applied to the skin it instantly transforms to a sensual lubricant with amazing glide.

CoCo Lube also doubles as an excellent massage oil and natural moisturizer. CoCo Lube is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, making it great for people prone to urinary tract and yeast infections.